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Watch the Never-Before-Seen Sex and the City Opening Credits

As you watch (a rerun) of Sex and the City, you cannot help but wonder: Why is Carrie Bradshaw wearing a tutu in the opening credits?

Actually, it wasn’t the only outfit choice. There were four for the producers to choose from.

Like a bizarre fashion-forward version of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, one alternate opening credits scene shows Sarah Jessica Parker‘s character going braless in a sleeveless, chiffon periwinkle blue tea-length dress as she strolls on the sidewalk and stumbles when she sees a New York City bus bearing an ad for her newspaper love and sex column. The never-before-seen clip was posted on EW Thursday.

In the opening credits ultimately chosen for the HBO show, the bus passes by and splashes water from a puddle onto Parker, who goes braless in a pink top and white tulle tutu skirt.

Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field said on Emmy TV Legends that one of the other four outfit choices included a two-toned red and turquoise sleeveless, slim-fitting, open-neck dress that was stylish for the time—the mid-to-late ’90s.

“They liked it,” she said. “I didn’t.”

She said she and Parker were the ones who pushed for the tutu outfit, whose skirt she found in a bucket of $5 pieces inside a showroom, and which she felt was more timeless.

“I tried to convince them from that level of just logic, not fashion,” she said. “And between me and Sarah Jessica, it got shot along with the others and in the end, it won.”

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