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Pamplona police force eat-and-run Italians to pay bill

Runners sprint ahead of Fuente Ymbro fighting bulls during the fourth running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, northern Spain, 10 JulyImage copyright Reuters
Image caption There are thousands of people in Pamplona for the festival

A group of Italians who attempted to flee a Spanish restaurant without paying the bill were forced by police to return – and even pay a tip.

The diners had enjoyed 14 house specials, as well as 15 shots, at a restaurant in Pamplona on Friday night.

But when it came time to pay the €620 (£549; $706) owed, they appear to have taken inspiration from the town’s most famous event – only, instead of the bulls, they ran from the bill.

Police, however, weren’t far behind.

According to the local police force’s official twitter account, @policiaforal_na, they were soon caught and forced to return to the restaurant, in the northern Spanish region of Navarra.

And, the tweet proudly announced, not only settled in full, but also left a tip.

It is not known whether the group were in town for the week-long festival, which sees men sprint 875m (2,871ft) through Pamplona’s narrow streets, pursued by angry bulls.

Image copyright Twitter/@policiaforal_na
Image caption The bill shows they had 14 specials, and 15 shots, as well as a coffee and some salmon tartare

The diners are far from the only group to try to get out of paying their bill in Spain’s restaurants this year.

Back in March, more than 100 people were reported to have fled at least two restaurants, leaving behind bills amounting to around €12,000 in total.

It is not confined to Spain, however. An Australian tried to swim away from his bill in Queensland in April.

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