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Jessie James Decker’s Aunt Predicted She Would Have a Third Baby With Tarot Cards on Eric & Jessie

It was all written in the cards!

Wednesday night’s all-new episode of Eric & Jessie proved that Jessie James Decker‘s third pregnancy was destined to happen after the country singer’s aunt Sharon stopped by Nashville for a visit.

“Aunt Sharon reads tarot cards and throughout my whole life my aunt Sharon has read my cards,” Jessie explained. “I actually believe in all that stuff.”

As the 29-year-old mom of two sat for a reading with husband Eric Decker by her side, aunt Sharon shared a prediction that was sweet music to the NFL star’s ears. “We both know what this card is telling us—childbirth and motherhood,” Sharon revealed. Oh, baby!

Even though Jessie was hesitant to believe the news, Eric was over the moon about the idea of another little Decker. “Eric wants to put another baby in me,” Jessie admitted. “I’m more on the fence.”

“The cards showed us that it’s in our future,” Eric replied. “And I will deliver.” LOL!

He continued, “Auntie Sharon just turned over the card—and forever I’ve been wanting a third kid—and I think it just basically put the stamp on the envelope that it’s going to happen.”

Looks like Auntie Sharon truly does have the gift, y’all!

Check out the recap video above to see what else happened in tonight’s episode!

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