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It Finally Happened! Southern Charm’s Craig Conover Just Passed the Bar Exam

Craig Conover is one step closer to becoming a lawyer.

After much anticipation—and plenty of curiosity from co-stars—the Southern Charm star has passed the bar exam.

Craig’s longtime girlfriend Naomie Olindo was happy to confirm the news on her Instagram stories Friday afternoon.

“The face of someone who passed the war,” Naomie captioned the photo as her man held up a bottle of champagne while grinning from ear to ear.

The announcement comes just a couple of weeks after Craig opened up to Bravo about the all-important exam that has become quite the storyline on the hit reality show.

Craig Conover


“I took [the bar] back in February and if I don’t pass this time then I take it again in July and then I’ll find out on Halloween,” he recently told The Daily Dish. “I was happy with my preparation, so I didn’t want to walk out of there and be like, ‘Damn if you just studied for one more week, you would have known that answer.’ … I either destroyed it or I didn’t do very well.”

In many episodes of Southern Charm, cast members including Shep Rose voiced concerns about Craig’s progress in becoming a lawyer.

During last season’s reunion, however, Craig promised host Andy Cohen that in one year, things will look very different. “Hopefully,” he shared with his cast when asked if he could be a lawyer. “I finally get a chance to try.”

For fans wondering what Craig hopes to do as he takes one big step forward to accomplishing his career dreams, we may have an idea.

“If I’m in Haiti getting kids that have been adopted to their families because the government hasn’t released them for a year for some reason, I could be almost like a superman contractor,” he shared with Bravo. “Like if someone really needs me, I can go help those good causes one by one. But there’s so many different topics and categories and individual cases that I would want to help that I have no idea how to explain what the next step is. But basically the next step is having the ability to walk into the courtroom.”

Congratulations Craig!

Southern Charm airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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