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Halloweentown’s Cromwell Clan Will Reunite in Real-Life Halloweentown to Honor Debbie Reynolds

Listen up, wizards, warlocks and witches! A bewitching announcement has just cast a spell over the masses!

Kimberly J. Brown, who played Marnie in all three of the Disney Channel’s Halloweentown movies, took to social media today to announce that she would once again be heading to the real-life Halloweentown, St. Helens, Oregon, for their annual Spirit of Halloweentown festivities. Additionally, the former child star revealed in a YouTube video she posted earlier today that J. Paul Zimmerman, who played Dylan, and Judith Hoag, who played their onscreen mom Gwen, would definitely be attending the Halloween haunt as well.

Brown also said that her onscreen sister Emily Roeske (Sophie) is trying to attend, but is working through some scheduling conflicts.

While many are jumping for joy at the meet-up, the reason for the Cromwell family reunion is for quite bittersweet. The former film fam is traveling to the All Hallows’ Eve-themed town to pay a special tribute to the late Debbie Reynolds, who played Aggie Cromwell in the films.

The group is slated to be a part of a very special tribute in honor of the legendary screen gem before the festival’s annual jack-o-lantern lighting ceremony, which kicks off the fun-filled, multiple-day event. The ceremony involveS casting a “spell” from the movie and lighting a huge jack-o-lantern in the town’s square.

In the YouTube video, Brown says, “This year we wanted to do something very special because, as you probably know, late last year we lost the incomparable Debbie Reynolds who played Grandma Aggie.”

She continued, “We wanted to a special tribute to her and her role as Grandma Aggie…and we want to have a small monument for her and we are going to do that for her in the lighting ceremony.”

The lighting ceremony and the Reynolds’ tribute is scheduled for Saturday, October 14. So grab your broomsticks and your pointy hats, and get up to Oregon! 

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