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Blac Chyna Describes Her Ideal Partner After Rob Kardashian Drama: I Want a ”Confident” and ”Healthy” Man Who ”Treats Me Right”

Now that Blac Chyna has been granted a temporary restraining order against Rob Kardashian, she knows what she wants and what she does not want in a man.

The 29-year-old model isn’t dating just yet, but when she’s ready, she told Us Weekly she has a clear view of the type of person she wants to be with.

“I would like somebody confident, who takes care of his business, is strong, healthy,” she described her ideal partner. “Somebody that loves their family and treats their friends right—and treats me right.” 

She also said respect is another big component, seemingly alluding to her previous comments on Nightline about how Rob didn’t respect her.

“Once respect comes, then loves come and when love comes, a really healthy relationship comes,” she told the publication.

 Chyna also noted that starting out as friends helps to build a “solid ground” for the relationship. “If you don’t have that, things just crumble.”

Blac Chyna, Lisa Bloom

Toby Canham / Splash News

Another thing she’s certain about is her desire to have more children with her future partner.

“I wanna have maybe like two more,” she said. “I wouldn’t mind having four; I think four is a good number. No more after that. Five is too many. I’d have to get a minivan for sure, and I’m not riding in no minivan.”

She also cut straight to the point when it came to the discussion of co-parenting with Rob: “It’s nobody’s business.”

That’s a similar tone she takes when it comes to her haters on social media, too.

She said that lately she’s been “taking a classier route” and only responding if people say something about her family or children.

“I don’t care how somebody looks at me or their feelings,” she added. “I know how I am. I know how I treat my friends and family and kids and that’s all I’m worried about. You have some people that’s weak and you have some people that’s strong. I consider myself a very strong person.”

And she won’t hold back due to that. “I feel like the more I share, the more relatable I am,” she said.

Read her full interview with Us Weekly here.

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