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Awkward Exes: Britain & America (Fourth of July)

Awkward Exes: Britain & America (Fourth of July)

Awkward Exes: Britain & America (Four… 2:48
America is throwing herself a birthday party. Her ex, Britain, shows up, fresh off the Brexit vote, looking for a rebound. AWKWARD! Written and performed by Nick Afka Thomas and Sarah Ann Masse (We Are Thomasse) With: Rob Berliner, Bradley Brough, Robby Motz, Luis Lopez, Luis Garcia, Joshua Lassman, Lena Valentine, Jessica Ashley, Dylan Li Gandy Directed by Sophia Kiapos Camera Operator/Editor: J Garrett Vorreuter Produced by We Are Thomasse (Sarah Ann Thomas) Associate Produced by Erika Curry Subscribe for more videos being released every other week! www.youtube.com/user/wearethomasse?sub_confirmation=1 www.wearethomasse.com Twitter @WeAreThomasse Facebook facebook.com/wearethomasse Instagram @WeAreThomasse
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