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American Horror Story: Cult Opts for More Emotional Horror for Halloween

Gotta be honest here, we were expecting more from an American Horror Story episode airing on Halloween.

Specifically, we were thinking there would be a little more horror, like those murderous clowns Kai’s cult is so fond of. Instead tonight was a lot more psychological and emotional horror, especially when it came to Ally and Ivy’s now dead relationship. 

It’s now dead because Ivy is actually dead, murdered by her own wife in the midst of their plotting to get out of Kai’s horrendous gathering of blue-shirted assholes with their lives and their son intact. Ivy and Ally both admitted to each other that they wanted out of the marriage and wanted Ozzy for themselves, but Ally got her plan in motion first, poisoning Ivy’s wine with arsenic after Kai’s Kool-aid fakeout. 

Ally then put the next stage of some kind of plan into motion. Kai claimed he was the sperm donor who fathered Ozzy, so Ally went to the sperm bank, bribed the receptionist, and found out that Kai was lying.

So she then forced the poor receptionist to put together a fake file stating that Kai was Ozzy’s real dad, which she then gave to Kai, after confessing that Ivy’s body was in her trunk. She even told him she picked him specifically, making him believe that a) he had made Ozzy’s parentage real just by speaking it out loud and b) Ozzy’s the messiah. 

This did allow Ally to reunite with Ozzy, but now Kai’s intent on the three of them being a creepy cultish family together. 

Hopefully that’s part of Ally’s plan, and hopefully she’s got bigger plans to demolish the whole situation. And hopefully hopefully is the right word, because Ally could be on her way to leading her own cult at this point. But maybe it would be a better cult than Kai’s cult? Is there such a thing as a better cult? 

Anyway, we’re really looking forward to the end of Kai Anderson one of these days. 

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 

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